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A reading and writing workshop for
Grades 3 & 4
Coming June 2019! Mondays, 5pm-6pm

This third grade teacher, Ms. Sterkin, uses iPads as a writing tool to help students organize their ideas and share their writing. In this clip, she demonstrates how to use a simple, free writing app to begin their writing process.

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As readers become more independent, they have their own questions, preferences, and challenges. Reading in third and fourth grade can be full of curiosity about people, places, fun facts, scientific wonders, quests, and adventures!

  • Fluency has a critical effect on comprehension.

  • Readers and writers of this ages reading for a purpose and have more to say!

  • Content, vocabulary, text structures, and authors' purpose widen, therefore providing challenge and opportunity for readers to apply and grow background knowledge.

  • Reading becomes an individual activity as they learn to read silently, but also remains social as they still love read alouds

  • Readers & writers use technology to plan, organize, and grow ideas!

  • Self-selected texts are engaging and visual, which motivates kids to press on even as they navigate unknown words.

  • Self-confidence has more influence on the reading and writing experience.

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