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Hello Families! My name is Sylvia Osiecki.  I am so pleased to be working with your child to strengthen their skills, strategies, and level of independence in reading and writing.  I come to you with over twenty years as an elementary school teacher and a writing teacher. Most of my work has been in a public school environment, but I have also worked with families in the private sector and with the National Writing Project in NH.  I have also been a Parent Educator and a Reading Recovery Teacher and am a mother of three grown boys of my own. 

Throughout all my experiences with children, one goal remains clear; to support children and families in their literacy development.  I do this by determining exactly what the child does well, and building upon that foundation first.  Then, when a child starts to build confidence, areas that are troublesome are targeted.  The children and parents I work with learn what works for them and what they need to do to address the things that are not working. Practice, reinforcement and encouragement bring about incremental changes leading to success.  Communication, resources and collaboration are integral to my teaching and your child's learning. I am looking forward to working with your child! 

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