Different Software, Different Needs

Software used to support learning by practice is a key part of literacy growth.  To expand the instructional sessions, three specific kinds of software are available for your child with a subscription.  Click each graphic to access the software! 

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Razkids:  After my intial assessment of reading level, if it is evident the student would benefit from books with audio features and comprehension practice, I will enroll them into a customized digital book basket Razkids software. Razkids provides ongoing performance data. 


Key Goal:  

  • To increase minutes of reading each day/week.

  • To improve fluency and comprehension.


Ages: Prek-grade 6


Recommended Use:  Daily 20-40 minutes, depending on students age and reading assessment performance.

Students should listen to the stories several times, get a sense of HOW the stories should sound, reread aloud, respond to comprehension questions ONLY ONCE.

Epic! Books:  Epic! software is a digital library of trade books - exactly what you would find in the bookstore or library! Kids love these colorful graphic novels, informational text, series books by their favorite authors and new authors! 


Key Goal:  

  • To increase minutes of reading each day/week.

  • To improve fluency and comprehension.

Ages: Prek-grade 6

Recommended Use:  Daily 20-40 minutes, for self-selected readings. This should be enjoyable reading that makes kids laugh, connect with characters, and enjoy the beautiful illustrations and stories.

Access code: wxb2675

StoryboardThat:  Graphic Novel software with features for planning and developing colorful, creative and original stories and retellings. Writers can make a variety of graphic organizers. 


Key Goal:  To improve writing organization, planning, vocabulary, and composition.


Ages:  grade 3 and above.


Recommended Use:  StoryboardThat can be used to increase volume of writing by engaging students in an interactive experience, support language skills and break down barriers of self-confidence and frustration.

Teacher Username: TLCReading

Access Code: YIbvdgVbh

Teacher Username: TLCReadingisfun

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Lexia Core 5:  Using an initial adaptive assessment of literacy skills in five core areas, Lexia Core 5 and Power Up, published by the widely-known, Rosetta Stone, follows an individualized scope-and-sequence of instruction and employs ongoing performance data to accelerate language learning. 


Key Goal:  

  • To sequentially teach phonics, comprehension, grammar, oral-reading fluency, writing



Lexia Core 5: Prek-Grade 5

Lexia Power Up: Grades 6-12


Recommended Use:  100 minutes per week, depending on students' age and initial assessment performance.

Software use should be coupled with a consistent reading of an authentic text and supplementary recommended activities. See TLC instructors for details.

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