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Academic Coaching & Educational Consultation 

Plan for Academic and Personal Success on Step and Strategy at a Time

As students enter middle grades, high school, and beyond, they often need training in time and materials management, self-advocacy, tasks deconstruction, and sequencing to complete short and long-term assignments. 

Academic coaching works much like sports coaching. There are high-impact techniques that can be explicitly taught to gain traction in completing exceptional-quality coursework and the college application process.

What is academic coaching?

Academic coaching builds the students' personal and pragmatic skills that amplify academic success through direct instruction of:

  • Organizational skills and planning 

  • Goal-setting

  • Spoken and written communication development

  • Scholarship application writing

  • Study skills

  • Mindsets and behaviors of successful students

  • Research techniques

  • Test preparation

  • Ongoing family consulting to support navigation of educational challenges and endeavors.

​How does academic coaching work?

  • Design a plan/set achievable, short and long-term goals, overall outcomes, and timelines in an initial meeting

  • Identify barriers, challenges, and plan for navigating those!

  • Weekly in-office, Google Meets, or Facetime meetings

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