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We've been sending our son to see Dawn for several months. We are very fortunate to have found her. We were recommended by a friend who had positive results. My son's grades have improved, but more importantly, his self confidence in general has risen remarkably. We are very lucky to have him work with Dawn and anyone looking for academic coach will not be disappointed.

~ Nita Boucher, Auburn, New Hampshire

 When my daughter, who has always struggled in spelling and grammar, was in the 8th grade we met with her guidance counselor.  I was concerned that through the transition into high school Jill might be left behind or not be able to keep up due to her lack of confidence in spelling and her dislike for reading.  I was then introduced to Dawn Florino, who changed my daughter's entire outlook on reading and her feelings toward books. Dawn made the sessions so, so easy.  We set up Skype sessions and have been meeting ever since.  Within the first two sessions I saw a tremendous difference in Jill's study habits. In the first six weeks of school, Jill had read five books on her own!  This is a child that had not read an entire book her entire life.  Dawn took the time to ask questions and really understand Jill's challenges and interests.  She was able to test her to diagnose where her biggest struggles were and worked on finding books that would hold her interest.  Jill is a solid B+/ A- English student now and I know this is a tribute to Dawn's tutoring, listening and coaching.  Dawn has been the best investment we could have made for our daughter's success- Thank you Dawn for caring and really making a difference!!!  

~ Heather Capraro, Concord, New Hampshire



Joey Florino, age 16mos.

5  stars!

My 13 year old son and I have been working with Dawn for about 7 months. I love the personal attention that he gets when working on a writing assignment for school or doing some reading for Dawn. Dawn is wonderful at asking the same question in a variety of ways, literally pulling the information out of him, it is in there and she has that faith. I have seen significantly improved scores in the area of LA in the NEWA testing. We are very happy with Dawns kind demeanor, and flexibility when necessary. I would highly recommend her:)

~ Angela Tropf, Auburn, New Hampshire

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