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The Literacy Coach 

 Professional Development, Coaching & Training

Do you need a local literacy expert to train and coach your staff? With over 25 years of teaching experience and training in literacy instruction, my resume will reflect a wide variety of expertise upon which professional development can be designed uniquely for your needs.  From pre-K educator, to middle school reading/writing specialist, to Director of Title 1 Services, to 10 years as an adjunct at SNHU School of Education, I have purposefully sought the breadth of experiences that build solid expertise.  As a literacy coach, my work is to grow capability in others by asking questions, modeling, connecting teachers to resources and guiding them to reflect on their work through analysis of outcomes.  Professional development can be conducted at The Literacy Coach Reading and Writing Center or within the school or organization. 

Invest in Your Teachers

Support and Improve Student Outcomes

  • Building school-wide data literacy 

  • Early literacy development & instruction

  • Reading and Writing the Middle Years

  • Reading & Writing Across Content Areas

  • Conducting diagnostic literacy assessments

  • Methods of progress monitoring struggling readers

  • Providing succinct, effective literacy interventions

  • Curriculum Design

  • Differentiated cross-curricular design that promotes flexible literacy

  • Curriculum and instruction for English

       Language Learners

  • Teacher Leadership & Mentorship

  • Exponential Power of Co-teaching

  • Teaching in a multi-age classroom 


Topics are not limited to these ideas.

Let's design the work together and get specific!

Prices vary per project.


  • Provided guidance for six school improvement teams

  • Wrote 15 million dollars in grants to design and provide Title 1 services for over 400 students

  • Conducted studies on an array of school-wide issues and challenges

  • 10 years of higher education teaching and course design at SNHU School of Education, NH Institute of Art

  • Professional development provided since 2009 

  • Ed.D candidate, Educational Leadership/Cognition and Learning, dissertation in process, Rivier University

  • See full resume here.

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