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Comprehensive Individual Diagnostic Assessment

Individualized Reading & Writing Tutoring

We can provide diagnostic assessments of the following aspects of reading and writing:
  • Phonological Awareness

  • Dyslexia Screenings

  • Qualitative Behavioral/Reading Comprehension Assessment

  • Reading Rate Measurements

  • Developmental Spelling Inventory

  • Writing Qualities Inventory


A full, easy to read, report of examiners' findings will be shared with families along with the recommended, individual instructional plan.


This reader is using Raz-Kids software. Raz-Kids supports reading development throughout the week with consistent use and is included with her tutoring.

Using the initial literacy assessment and/or work sample analysis as a guide, we can design individualized instruction that will guarantee improvement in reading and writing.  

Students would:

  • meet for reading and writing development coaching, schedules dependent on assessment

  • participate in face-to-face and digital reading and writing conferences

  • gain access to software and instruction to improve understanding how words are constructed

  • be monitored for progress in reading using weekly standardized measurement



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*All appointments are scheduled and paid using Acuity and Paypal. They can be rescheduled within 24hrs of appointment.

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