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My sister (age 4), my beautiful mother and me (age 6) at about the age I knew I wanted to be a teacher.

        I have been a teacher since I was in the first grade.  There have been no other teachers in my family for generations.  So, I take this honorable position very seriously.  I continue to research, examine, practice and evaluate my understandings because I care deeply about the children in my care. 

        After more than 20 years in this profession, I still believe I can and do have one of the greatest jobs in the entire world.  Visits from former students who are now teachers, film-makers, attorneys, business owners, continue to remind me that the effect of the partnership between teachers and families is beyond powerful. 

     As I have raised my two children, I have become a more compassionate, insightful educator.  Each child really does need something special, especially when it comes to their literacy development. They need a curious teacher who lives and breathes literacy, who knows how children learn and develop, and one who reads and writes with passion of their own.

     Now, my goal is to share everything I have learned as an educator and as a mother to help families navigate the care and education of their most precious children.  Through innovative, creative means, my hope is to become an important resource for you. 

There is nothing more I enjoy than reading new books and favorites, writing my own stories and teaching others to appreciate the effect books can have on their lives. 
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