April is National Poetry Month and for early readers, it can open up a world of new text. But, honestly, poetry needs serious re-branding and based on some fantastic new publications, it's getting just that. I'd like to tell you why I think poetry is the hidden gem in...

Libraries.....You knew I was going to say that, didn't you?

Summer's coming and it won't be long before your children (of all ages) will not be among books every day in their classrooms. If they haven't claimed their own library card, it's time.

Libraries are each commun...

Michael, a new sixth-grader, would rather read the Warrior series than socialize. Andrew is a seventh grade boy and by all accounts would rather do anything but read. John doesn’t love to read, but will tolerate a sports book because he has to do thirty-minutes each ni...

April 20, 2018

    You may be listening to your child and thinking that their reading doesn't sound "fluent". Teachers may share that they are teaching and measuring reading fluency.  What exactly is oral reading fluency and how and why can one improve it?  This week, in Transla...

April 11, 2018

Translating Teacher-Talk:

Families, do you have questions about your children's literacy "levels"? Are there other things you're wondering but you haven't had the chance to ask their teacher? Are you wondering about observations you're making as your child develops read...

Do I have to say much more than this?  This is a perfect reason to enroll your kids in weekly sessions with me during the summer, where they'll be engaged in literacy activities not just during our time together, but for entire week following.  Nine-week enrollments ar...

November 10, 2015


      Some mothers and daughters get their nails done together.  Some go shopping.  Others, like Maggie and me, write!


     My daughter, Maggie, and I are kindred spirits.  We LOVE to read and tell stories.  While she favors dark, mysterious storie...

Did you know that reading and writing TRANSFORM the brain?  Even adults develop new neural pathways as they read and write.  Listen to the video below.  Think of the effect of daily reading on vocabulary and language development of young children.  Even silent reading...

There once was a little boy with beautiful chestnut eyes who loved to read his Pat the Bunny book in the rocking chair that his mom found and painted, perfectly suited to his size.  When his dad worked every night, he, his Brittany and his mom passed the hours immersed...

July 30, 2015

So, your kids are ready to begin a new school year in a new school where you think they will be devoured into a sea of nameless, faceless children.  Who will take the time to know them the way their former teachers did?  Will there be someone there they can trust?  Wha...

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